TA 113 (Shen)


Commentary 2 (to C1, Wallner)




by Henry (Zvi) Lothane

10 March 2009, posted 14 March 2009




I found Wallner's post intriguing.  C'est la methode, sings the servant in Offenbach's Contes de Hoffmann: method is everything.  Method trumps content. The same holds  for psychotherapy.



Wallner rightly argues for a critical method of studying the sciences in different locales: Europe, China, Africa, you name it.  Their diversity of method must, however, be based on something common: e.g., they all use reason, they all use observation.



Does constructive realism deny that?


It has been said that European science, the belief in the immutability of matter and energy and laws -- all these were derived from monotheism, the belief in one god. One god valid for all = one science for all.



To me it means the need to be cross cultural and trans-cultural, i.e., a dialogue between the different cultures, their belief systems, their customs, and, last but not least, their ETHICS. The latter may be presupposed by Wallner but is not spelled out.


There ought to be a better word for strangification: it sticks in the craw.




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