TA 112 (Müller)


Response 5 (to C4, Moodey)




by Herbert FJ Müller

8 March 2009, posted 14 March 2009



The theistic formulation which Richard Moodey presents agrees, I think, with the historical interpretation of the Christian church :  God has an encompassing mind, and extends it to humans who receive a soul, usually at baptism.  Furthermore God creates everything, and thus everything depends on God.   How do you see the relation between theism and evolution   -   the topic of the just finished Vatican conference on Darwin ?


It would also be of interest to know your response to the opinion which some Buddhists have, that theism is a preliminary step to their non-theistic religion, which has a nirvana ideal.   This is, I think, in my opinion of theoretical interest because the 0-D view has an unstructured basis, in which all structures are formed.




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