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by Peter Beamish
24 October 2008, posted 1 November 2008


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Note: Concept numbers 1, 4, 14 & 15 are novel 21st century "BIOphysics."
Concept #18 seems important for 21st century "Philosophical Psychology."
Concept numbers 23, and 24 introduce a novel interpretation of "Nature."
"SBC and RBC" are "Signal and Rhythm Based Communications" respectively.

There exist <TWO TEMPORAL TYPES> designated: time (t) and "Time (T)."

As such appears to be an immense paradigm shift from historical physics,
we need the semantics of an upper case "T" for the novel "Rhythmic Time,
T," as well as closed words of: "onTime, lateTime, offTime & earlyTime."
Included also: "duraTion, communicaTion, synchronizaTion & informaTion."
Synonyms of "T" are: "Rhythm Based Time (RBT)," and "RhythmicTime (RT)."

Minds CAN ADD "Conventional time (t)" + "Rhythmic Time (T, or 'RT')."

Both "Conventional time (t)" and "Rhythmic Time (T, or 'RT')" are scalar
quantities, or scalar labels, which are transported by mass &/or energy,
and thus both do NOT flow, but are: "transported as mass/energy cargos."
Scalar quantities (as colours, shapes) can be added, but NOT multiplied.

Minds CANNOT MULTIPLY "Conventional time (t) x Rhythmic Time ('RT')!"

Travel time is "Conventional time (t)" while one's age is "Rhythmic Time
('RT')," measured in the "rhythm" of the Earth's rotation about the Sun.
Thus the "Twin's Paradox" is NOT a paradox, as both will remain as twins
regardless of the velocity with which one twin travels throughout space!

All REAL time (t), & all REAL "Time (T)" = "Now TIME" ("TIME = t+T").

We also need the semantics of an all upper case "TIME" for adding
t & "T," as for example in a metaphor of moving in 12 hours from Toronto
to "Tampa Space," as one actually becomes located at ~"Hong Kong Space!"

"Now TIME Is An Important, REAL, Mental, Biophysical, Temporal Concept."

All other temporal concepts are real scalar labels, NOT real "Now TIME."
The concept of "future time" is NOT "REAL TIME" and needs new semantics.
A tomorrow NEVER comes, because when it does arrive, it becomes a today!

One's past & one's future consist of "Temporal Scalar Labels (tags)."

We thus need new semantics for "Conventional time t" scalar labels which
can be "timetags," and, for "Rhythmic Time T" scalar labels, "Timetags."
One's birthDATE is a past "timetag;" one's next birthDAY is a "Timetag."
(Such semantics is derived from pricetags which are also scalar labels.)

All conscious minds operate using: "Now TIME Temporal Scalar Labels."

J. McTaggart "We perceive events in time as being present, and those are
the only events which we perceive directly." Present is mind "Now TIME."
Scalar labels enter conscious minds as: "cargos on mass/energy vectors."
"A New Definition of Mind:" <http://www.egroups.com/message/time/13743>.

All conscious minds operate using: "Mental Vector Processes, (MVPs)."

"MVPs" are THE most important concept of "RBC Theory," & presumably then
THE "Most Valuable Players" in the "Game Of Life." They consist of "mass
&/or energy vectors" transporting scalar labels (as colour, time, "Time"
& geometry, etc.) from mind's edges to "Mental Thought Processes, MTPs."

"MVPs = combinations of mass/energy vectors, & scalar labels (tags)."

Here, and in all of "RBC Theory," "mass/energy" means mass, &/or energy.
Imagine a "photon cluster" reflecting off a clock on the wall! Temporal,
colour, & shape scalar labels can be transported as "cargos" from such a
clock to an "MTP," and then ANALYZED backwards in "time t" to the clock.
For this short duration of time, the clock is at the edge of one's mind.

"MVPs" form at "Mind's Edges," and end at "Mental Thought Processes."

Many such "MVPs" can impinge upon "Mental Thoughts," in short durations,
as auditory and visual pathways for "MVPs" can operate "simultaneously."
If "Potential MVPs" do not enter into "Mental Thought" they are "noise."
"Mind" is a "Dynamic Volume" with no inherent mass & no inherent energy.
"A New Definition of Mind:" <http://www.egroups.com/message/time/13743>.

"Mind's Outer Edge borders Objective Reality, & Subjective Reality."

Some "Objective Reality" can be in one's real future (
_NOT_ future time)
whereas one's "Subjective Reality" consists of "MVP/MTPs" in "Now TIME."
"ALL REAL TIME IS NOW TIME" ("RBC Concept" #57 in book ISBN 0968995527).
Otherwise, temporal concepts are scalar labels outside of a living mind.

Mind's "Inner Edge" borders one's "Subjective Reality," with memory.

Memory contains one's education, knowledge, understanding, and much, but
not all, may lie in one's "Central Nervous System, CNS." Understanding &
knowledge can also be derived from known forms of communication. Such is
mainly "Signal Based, SBC" for humans, and partially "Rhythm Based, RBC"
for those aspects of Nature that are in a "relatively LOW STRESS state."

All conscious minds can be dynamic, BOTH in volume & in orientation.

Glance at a photograph of the moon, at a range of 1 metre. Now glance at
the real moon at ~390,000 kilometres, say within 1 second. Your mind has
expanded faster than the velocity of light which is entirely permissible
as "mind" is here defined as simply a volume, with no mass, & no energy.

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- - - - - - - - - - - - A New Definition of Mind - - - - - - - - - - - -

One's "Event Space Sphere Or Spheroid," or acronym "Essos" is Subjective
Reality and is formed by the creation of both external & internal "MVPs"
which by convention, always enter an "Essos" from a south pole position.
Hence, the concept "Essos" (pronounced "Eee sauce") is extremely dynamic
in both orientation and mean radius. Furthermore it is a "volume" with a
"non Essos volume" within, containing memory, knowledge & understanding.
Mind is thus definable as one's "Essos," & such mind collapses in volume
during "day dreaming," meditation and sleep. All of life has an "Essos."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

All "TIME" is "A Mental Thought Process (MTP) Reading
_OF_ A Clock."

"TIME" is NOT a reading ON (AT or IN) a clock. Such is a scalar label of
either time t or "Time T," which does NOT become "Real TIME" until it is
received by a "Mental Thought Process." However, "biological clocks" can
exist inside of a mind and their "MVPs" can produce temporal sensations.

Without an object's "Mental Thought Process" "

"NO MIND, THUS NO TIME" ("RBC Concept" #133 in book ISBN 0968995527), so
that objects without mind can have temporal scalar labels but NO "TIME."
Space appears to exist everywhere; "Real TIME" exists, only with a mind.
It thus seems now correct to say "time-in-space" instead of "spacetime!"

This is a major diversion from 20th century physics, into a 21st century
"BIOphysics!" "Confirming logic" includes: A) "All temporal concepts are
SCALAR labels 'transported' by mass/energy VECTORS," whereas, "all space
is comprised of VECTORS which include the three & only three, Orthogonal
Spacial Dimensions ("OSDs"), such as east, north and up, or x, y and z,"
and B) "All REAL TIME is a
_MENTAL_, 'Now TIME' perception of either 't'
(conventional time) as a scalar label, or 'T' ('Rhythm Based Time') also
as a scalar label." Thereby, "NO MIND, THUS NO TIME, or no REAL t or T."
However there can certainly be "space without mind, space without life!"
Thus "spacetime" becomes a non sequitur which should be "time-in-space."

"MTPs" can "ANALYZE, NOT GO," backwards, in "Conventional MVP time."

One cannot
_GO_ backwards in "Conventional MVP time t" as then one could
prevent one's parents from meeting & thus not be born! On the other hand
"Rhythmic Time T" can go clockwise, e.g. Earth (a clock) from south pole
say forwards; or, counterclockwise, Earth from north pole say backwards.

"Conventional time (t)" is "A Curvi-linear Displacement"/A Velocity.

This is the definition of time used in 20th century physics and sciences
and it is easily understood at early ages as the faster you go somewhere
the sooner you get to your destination! The easiest mathematics, & using
alliteration, is <time = space/speed>. Such a time is a SCALAR quantity.

"Rhythmic Time (T) = Perception Of Lateness RELATIVE To OnTimeness."

Such, is a new definition of a second "temporal form," which necessarily
involves a "mental perception" and thus a "Mental Thought Process, MTP."
This "Time T" is RELATIVE to a "Mental Cycling Time," as for a rhythm of
60 sec "offTime" is 30 sec but for a rhythm of 24 hr "offTime" is 12 hr.

"Rhythmic Time (T)" is "A Foundation Of Living Organism's Emotions."

Identical twins (and others) have synchronized biological rhythms and so
when one may contact another, a sender's identity is often known, as the
contact is made at a mutually agreeable "onTime, cyclic window of Time."
Music and dancing may produce such "windows" allowing emotional contact.

"Rhythm Based Communication, RBC" is encoded in "Rhythmic Time (T)."

"RBC" appears to be "an advance" on "the human understanding of Nature."
It has been found in the low stress communications of "The Great Whales"
and other living organisms. "RBC"
_requires and produces_ low biological
stress as: A) it requires "Rhythmic SynchronizaTion," and B) it produces
a communication less dependent on WHAT signals & more dependent on WHEN.
This WHEN, is the definitive, 20th century discovery of "RELATIVE TIME!"

"Conventional time t" involves a concept of: "Synchronization in t."

Synchronization is "happening at the same time." It is a "foundation" of
planned meetings, created schedules and produced finished products. Non-
human Nature seems little able to plan, create or produce in the future,
and maximizes its "Now TIME," leading to lower future anxiety, & stress.

"Rhythmic Time (T)" has the different concept of: "SynchronizaTion."

"SynchronizaTion" is a prerequisite of "Rhythm Based Communication, RBC"
and, it can be a necessary step for all of Nature to lower "SBC stress."
"RBC" seems highly encrypted, but there can be both universal concepts +
a rhythmic warning of evolutionary stress with lack of rhythmic empathy.

"Conventional time t" encodes the well known concept of information.

Information is in signals, signs & symbols, encoded in mass &/or energy.
It is the actualization & essence of: "Signal Based Communication, SBC."
Humans evolved the ability to plan, create, & produce which required the
use of "SBC," whereas non-humans evolved to "maximize" their "Now TIME."

"RT" DIFFERS in this concept which we suggest calling "informaTion."

"InformaTion" is in "Rhythmic Time (T)" INDEPENDENT of mass &/or energy.
It is the actualization & essence of: "Rhythm Based Communication, RBC."
It appears as the foundation of Carl Jung's "collective unconscious," as
well as attributes of some, human, emotional communications and empathy.

Mass, energy, information and "informaTion" = "All Known Phenomena."

There exists nothing in our biosphere & "world," that consists of things
other than these above phenomena! All knowledge to date, has mainly been
comprised of mass, energy and information, but "The Great Whales" et al.
have indicated that "Rhythm Based InformaTion" is a part of our reality.

Sincerely, 'peter' c. beamish, ph.d., director, "CETA-Research," Canada.

"CETA" is: "CommunicaTions Et (And) 'TEMPS (TIME = t + T)' AssociaTion."

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- The seemingly important "MVP Concept" DEFINES: "A New Mind Concept." -

"A duration (of time)" is this day #(365250+/-1461)+365250+2838=~#733338
in this 3rd Millennium. "A duraTion (of Time)" is: day #282 of this "Sun
Cycle," or this 07:00:00 hours, minutes, secs, of "NLTime" (not "time").


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