TA111 (Beamish)

Response 4 (addition)


by Peter Beamish
19 November 2008, posted 22 November 2008


Dr. Akira Kanda [time] wrote: - - - [Reply is one pg. side of 54 lines.]

Hello, peter, Nothing moves faster than the speed of light is a
universally quantified statement.

Hello Akira, Mass does not move faster than the speed of light in vacua.
Energy does not move faster than the speed of light in vacua. - But mind
is a volume, neither composed of mass or energy but defined by motion of
"Mental Vector Processes, MVPs" travelling inwards in "Conventional time
t or Ct" and ANALYSED by metal thoughts outwards in the reverse of "Ct."
Animals can do such ANALYSIS because of binaural as binocular senses, as
well as educational and learning techniques, but other Kingdoms may not.
For a "Definition of Mind" see http://www.egroups.com/message/time/13743

Kindest regards, 'peter' b.,/ph.d.,/m.i.t./u.b.c.,/so-you-see,/po-et-ry!

In <time@yahoogroups.com>, 'peter' @ < beamish@oceancontact.com > wrote:

Dr. Akira Kanda [time] wrote: "Hello all," According to (some) renowned
theoretical physicists, nothing moves faster than c (light in a vacuum).

According to this "BIOphysical" lab. ("CETA"), mind moves faster than c!

Example: Glance at a photograph of the moon at ~1 metre range & it takes
~1 nanosecond for the "Mental Vector Processes, MVPs" to "transport" the
photo scalars of shape and colour to your "Mental Thought Process, MTP."
Now look at the real moon within 1 second (presuming its a clear night!)
and the new "MVPs" produced by reflection of the sun's light "transport"
the moon "MVP" scalars of shape & colour to your "MTP," in ~1.3 seconds.
Your mind (by definition of <http://www.egroups.com/message/time/13743>)
has expanded from a radius of 1 metre to that of ~390,000 kilometres, in
a duration of < 1.3 seconds. Such proves that your mind is superluminal!

And, "Rhythm Based Communication" (= "informaTion") CAN be superluminal.

Example: Identical twins et al., located at large distances CAN have the
same "Mental Thought Processes, MTPs" at a same "temporal scalar label."

Sincerely, 'peter' c. beamish, ph.d., director, "CETA-Research," Canada.
"CETA" is: "CommunicaTions Et (And) 'TEMPS (TIME = t + T)' AssociaTion."

- The seemingly important "MVP Concept" DEFINES: "A New Mind Concept." -

Major "RBC" Concepts are at: <http://www.egroups.com/message/time/14607>

2 page glossary is @ http://www.animalcontact.com/research/glossary.html

1 pg. side précises http://www.animalcontact.com/research/abstracts.html

"A duration (of time)" is this day #(365250+/-1461)+365250+2879=~#733379
in this 3rd Millennium. "A duraTion (of Time)" is: day #323 of this "Sun
Cycle," or this 07:00:00 hours, minutes, secs, of "NLTime" (not "time").