TA 111 (Beamish)

Response 3 (to C2 by Rob Weedon)

by Peter Beamish
12 November 2008, posted 22 November 2008

[Note: Each line of Rob's poem is separated by "/."]

Somewhere in the brain / is the Co-ordinator / of mind and body -- /
this august person / commands the totality / of your processes.

His competence is / beyond estimation out / of all assessment; /he knows
what you think / before you think it; gives you / to feel what you feel.

Orchestrates heartbeat / breathing and blood pressure like /a three-ring
/ Your high-noon darkness / is for him broad day; he is /
more you than you are.

Consultant in doubt / companion in solitude / immortal parent /
inward superself / co-regent with deity / and a loving friend.

Can we dialogue / with our Guv'nors? They hear us / but can we hear
them? / All the dreams we have / (their memoranda to us) /
we too seldom read. /

Dear Robert,

One's "Mental Thought Processes, MTPs" seem not confined to a brain, but
rather to an entire "Central Nervous System, CNS," which may indeed, via
"Rhythm Based Communication, RBC Theory," be all bodily cells, inc. DNA.

One of the most important "precesses" in consciousness is when a mass &/
energy vector transports environmental & memory, scalar labels (as time,
colour, shape, etc.), into one's "subjective reality" (one's mind). Such
has been called a "Mental Vector Process, MVP," and, it is ANALYZED, but
NOT, in any way, "commanded" by one's "Mental Thought Process" or "MTP."

Yes one's "MTP" knows what you will think and feel, before you have such
thoughts & feelings but the lag intervals may only be fractions of secs.

How can you "presume a gender" for one's "Mental Thought Process, MTP!?"

How is your "Mental Thought Process, MTP," a "co-regent with deity?" For
a "deity concept" as below, see <http://egroups.com/message/time/14678>.

R.P."But to unite all souls - we will probably require the idea of God."

CETA: If a "CareTaker God" involves information encoded in "Rhythm Based
Time" (also suggested as "informaTion") then a resulting form of commun-
ication can be universal and unite all living cells, and thus all souls.

Sincerely, 'peter' c. beamish, ph.d., director, "CETA-Research," Canada.
"CETA" is: "CommunicaTions Et (And) 'TEMPS (TIME = t + T)' AssociaTion."
2 page glossary is @ http://www.animalcontact.com/research/glossary.html
1 pg. side précises http://www.animalcontact.com/research/abstracts.html
- The seemingly important "MVP Concept" DEFINES: "A New Mind Concept." -


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