TA111 (Beamish)

Response 2  (to Pande)


by Peter Beamish
9 November 2008, posted 15 November 2008


Dr. Rajiv Pande [time] wrote on November 4th, 2008 @ "NLTime" 10:08 hrs. "The problem with the QM time is a sort of "dangerous" reference to subjective experience - which is non-quantifiable. Somehow science as we have it today does not accept subjective experience as a legitimate study - yet there are some major loopholes in our logic that can only be resolved by boldly addressing these subjective issues."

Dear Rajiv, KARL JASPERS FORUM, Hitoshi, Gary, Leo, Atso, Frank, et al.,

Here is a seemingly logical explanation relating to the obvious problems resulting from the above contention that "science - does not accept subjective experience as a legitimate study." Let one presume that thoughts are either: a) true (as agreed upon by MANY minds), or are b) false, and imagined.  An example of a) could be two plus three equals five, while an example of b) could be the contention of one living with some dinosaurs!

Case a) is a "subjective experience" that is a "subjective reality," and for this case both subjective and objective realities can co-exist.  Case b) is a subjective experience that is not agreed upon by many minds, and such a subjective experience does not conform with an objective reality.

Above was so stated in a letter to Prof. Herbert Müller, Director of the KARL JASPERS FORUM, (lines 21-22), on November 06, 2008, and also referenced in the "time forum" @ <http://www.egroups.com/message/time/14643>, sent simultaneously at a temporal scalar label (a "Timetag") of 7.0 hrs.

Describe subjective thinking as: One's "Mental Thought Processes, MTPs."

For "MTPs" both "objective reality" & "subjective reality" CAN co-exist.

Now let's apply this to our definition "TIME IS THE READING OF A CLOCK." 1) Such reading is by one's "MTP" in one's present, in one's "Now TIME."  2) Such a "TIME" must be capable of also being read by many other minds.  3) Such a "CLOCK," if not accessible for an objective reality, must then  be synchronized with other clocks that can be available for other minds.

So how does this affect a definition of "mind" (of event space "Essos")?

"Mind" has been defined as a VERY DYNAMIC VOLUME surrounding each living organism, and containing ALL of the organism's "subjective reality."  But one's mind may also contain SOME "objective reality" if its knowledge is shared by many other minds, so that there exists a "scientific reality."

Both outer & inner edges of mind are formed by "Mental Vector Processes, or MVPs," considered as "Most Valuable Players" in one's "Game of Life."  The inner "mind edge" separates memory, education and one's unconscious.

For a "Definition of Mind" see http://www.egroups.com/message/time/13743
2 page glossary is @ http://www.animalcontact.com/research/glossary.html
1 pg. side précises http://www.animalcontact.com/research/abstracts.html
A duration (of time)" is this day #(365250+/-1461)+365250+2870=~#733370 in this 3rd Millennium. "A duraTion (of Time)" is: day #314 of this "Sun Cycle," or this 07:00:00 hours, minutes, secs, of "NLTime" (not "time"). Kindest Regards and best wishes, 'peter' c. b., "CETA-Research," Canada.


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