TA 111 (Beamish)


Response 14 (to C12)

( MIND )
by Peter Beamish
8 January 2009, posted 17 January 2009


['peter'] All plants have "Mental Thought Processes, MTPs," or else they  would not be able to solve their various, survival problems. And, "MTPs"  are an "Essence of Mind" which for individual plants has a fixed volume.  Such seems similar for a virus although such a "Mind Volume" is smaller.

['HM'] Apparently you want to trace 'mind' back to the beginning of life  in the first self-replication of molecules.

[pb] No! Mind goes back to the beginning of: "Mental Thought Processes."

[HM] If so, what makes them start self-replicating? Do they have a mind before they self-replicate?

[pb] Presumably "radiation splitting" of helical macro-molecules started early self-replication, some of which molecules (RNA+) needed no "MTPs."

[HM] Or more to the point, what comes first -? -> [pb] Self-replication.

[HM] What makes them get a mind -? [pb] The later formation of an "MTP."

[HM] It seems to me that one cannot easily proceed from objective (i.e., subject-exclusive) biology to subject-inclusive 'mind' (except via a religious or quasi-religious ontological leap-of-faith).

[pb] [Au contraire!]  "Now TIME" & potential "Mental Vector Processes, MVPs" are present; all needed for "Life/Mind" to evolve is a "Mental Thought Process, MTP."

[pb] Labels are PHYSICAL structures, & can certainly be  mind-independent, as can be pricetags, shapetags, timetags & "Timetags."  One can certainly know something from memory, knowledge & understanding,  that is NOT presently in one's "Now TIME" and thus is NOT in one's Mind.

[HM] Physical structures, including price tags, etc., are not 'known' unless they are in somebody's mind.  

[pb] Au contraire! The Earth's inside is a "physical structure" which is "known" (and has been long "known"), without being "IN somebody's mind."

[HM] And if you remember something now, it is in your mind now. ->

[OK!]  [pb] It's in your "MTP" now, and not in your "Objective Memory Storage."

[HM] Furthermore, the 'MTPs','MVPs', - evidently start from your mind.

[pb] "MTPs, MVPs, & Now TIME," ARE ONE'S MIND, one's Subjective Reality.  It's "Communication +" that can create mind-independent concepts & tags.


Sincerely, 'peter' c. beamish, ph.d., director, "CETA-Research," Canada.
"CETA" is: "CommunicaTions Et (And) 'TEMPS (TIME = t + T)' AssociaTion."
- The seemingly important "MVP Concept" DEFINES: "A New Mind Concept." -
For a "Definition of Mind" see http://www.egroups.com/message/time/13743
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