TA111 (Beamish)

Response 13


by Peter Beamish
31 December 2008, posted 10 January 2009

Minds of Kingdom Animalia have dynamic volumes, "reaching for the stars"  when fully conscious and then contracting during meditation and slumber.  Such varying volumes are controlled by "Mental Thought Processes, MTPs."  There is another variable involved with "Mind Volume" but the "MTPs" can  control whether any incoming information in "Conventional time t, or Ct"   or, "informaTion" in "RhythmicTime T, or RT," is received by "Thoughts."  These other variables are "Mass &/or Energy Vectors" which can transport  the scalar labels of: time t, "Time T," colour, geometry (shape) & more,  from one's External Mind Edge (External "Essos or Event Space Edge"), to  one's "Mental Thought Processes" including one's Central Nervous System.  IF such vectors arrive at an "MTP" they become "Mental Vector Processes,  or MVPs." Be careful of the acronym difference between "MTP," and "MVP."

Minds can have many "POTENTIAL MVPs," but only those ANALYZED by "MTPs,"  are able to carry: a) information, and b) "informaTion," into "Thought."  In other words a "Mental Vector" is not a mental reality until it can be  "ANALYZED" by a "Mental Thought." And even though an "MVP" is travelling  in a forward direction of time +t, such can be ANALYZED in "negative t."

"Conventional time t" cannot GO backwards, as it is based on the Earth's  singular directions of travel in space; but it can be ANALYZED backwards  just as we can ANALYZE our past, using "Mental Thought Processes, MTPs."  Further proof involves a famous cliché of: "If you could GO backwards in  time t then you could prevent your parents from meeting, & not be born!"

Our Earth is not only "a clock" but perhaps THE most important clock for  all of "Nature" and: "ALL TIME IS AN 'MTP' READING OF (not on) A CLOCK."  And clocks such as our Earth are bidirectional, NOT unidirectional as t.  Yes our Earth rotates in "RhythmicTime T" (or "Rhythm Based Time, RBT").  To verify the bidirectionality of the Earth, imagine that you could view  it spinning clockwise from the South Pole, and thence, you could view it  spinning counterclockwise from the North Pole! Earth is "BIdirectional!"

By a definition, "Mental Vector Process, MVP Formation" creates the dual  boundaries of Mind, PROVIDED that such vectors are received by thoughts.  The formation of those arriving from one's "External Objective Reality,"  creates an External Mind Edge ("External Essos Edge"), and the formation  of those arriving from one's internal memory, knowledge, understanding &  imagination creates an Internal Mind Edge ("Internal Essos Edge"). Yes a  "Mind Volume" has an internal niche being NOT Mind, i.e. "NOT NOW TIME."

And also by definition, Mind (or "Essos") IS one's "Subjective Reality."


Peter C Beamish
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Sincerely, 'peter' c. beamish, ph.d., director, "CETA-Research," Canada.
"CETA" is: "CommunicaTions Et (And) 'TEMPS (TIME = t + T)' AssociaTion."

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