TA 111 [Beamish]

Response 12 (to R11, Müller)

by Peter Beamish
31 December 2008, posted 10 January 2009


[pb] All of life has mind.

[HM] I agree that humans are not the only ones. But please let us hear  the case for Arabidopsis and HIV!

[peter] Arabidopsis is a plant genus, in the family Brassicaceae. HIV is  the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, which causes Acquired Immunodeficiency  Syndrome. All plants have "Mental Thought Processes, MTPs," or else they  would not be able to solve their various, survival problems. And, "MTPs"  are an "Essence of Mind" which for individual plants has a fixed volume.  Such seems similar for a virus although such a "Mind Volume" is smaller.

[from before]

[HM] I have never seen an explanation by those who advocate the  existence of mind-independent realities for how structures that are not  in the mind can get into (be received by, as you say) the mind. They  could not BECOME what you call mind-dependent; the reason is that the  so-called onta are speculative extrapolations from human gestalt-formations, and START and always REMAIN as such within the mind.  
[peter] Clock scalar labels are NOT in/within a mind until an "MVP"  transports them into a thought. - One's mind involves "Now TIME," and  you may be referring above to one's memory.

[HM] If you postulate mind-independence of entities, you do that within  your mind.


[peter] Memories consists of either a) past scalar labels in the form of  signals, signs and symbols together with temporal scalar labels of "Conventional time t" (which is in the form of information), or b) past scalar labels, in the novel form of temporal scalar labels of "Rhythm Based  Time T" (which is designated a relatively new concept of "informaTion").  Based on both geometry and Quantum Mechanics, "CETA" prefers the latter.  "One's memory" (above) is NOT in one's Mind, is NOT in one's "Now TIME."  "CETA" believes that only "MVPs, MTPs, & Now TIME" are "Mind-dependent."

[HM] 'Now' is the only possible start point, the rest is extrapolation.  Labels are mental structures, like all others, made in the mind, not  transported in from somewhere else. If you disagree, please explain how
you can know something that is not in your mind, as you claim. That  sounds entirely mysterious.

[peter] Au contraire! Labels are PHYSICAL structures, & can certainly be  mind-independent, as can be pricetags, shapetags, timetags & "Timetags."  One can certainly know something from memory, knowledge & understanding,  that is NOT presently in one's "Now TIME" and thus is NOT in one's Mind.  Major t & "T" Concepts are @ <http://www.egroups.com/message/time/14607>  Please also see, coming in 1 hr, "Mental Thoughts Control Mind Volumes."


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