TA 111 (Beamish)

Commentary 2



by Rob Weedon

5 November 2008, posted 15 November 2008






Somewhere in the brain

is the Co-ordinator

of mind and body --

this august person

commands the totality

of your processes.


His competence is

beyond estimation, out

of all assessment;

he knows what you think

before you think it; gives you

to feel what you feel.


Orchestrates heartbeat

breathing and blood pressure like

a three-ring circus.

Your high-noon darkness

is for him broad day; he is

more you than you are.


Consultant in doubt

companion in solitude

immortal parent

inward superself

co-regent with deity

and a loving friend.


Can we dialogue

with our Guvínors ? They hear us

but can we hear them ?

All the dreams we have

(their memoranda to us)

we too seldom read.


Rob Weedon

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