TA 108 (Green)

Commentary 7  (to C6, Joseph Johnson)

by Serge Patlavskiy
28 June 2008, posted 5 July 2008

[Joseph Johnson] wrote: "Thus, energy as a quantifiable phenomenon, and its constructs, are the epiphenomena of consciousness, not the other way around.  That is the revolution to be recognized."

[S.P.] In my view, a true revolution would be in case we give up using such word as "epiphenomenon" at all, and accept that consciousness (or sensitivity to information and information workability) , matter, and energy are three equally important factors that, when acting together, enable existence of everything existent in our Reality.

[Joseph Johnson] wrote: "As to defining consciousness, it can only be said that no finite definition is possible."

[S.P.] In other words, the notorious "scio me nihil scire" again ! Being not a philosopher, I define consciousness as the acts of processing and conceptualization of information, and construction of intellectual products in form of behaviour, language, etc.  Due to these acts, the entropy of the complex system keeps on a sufficiently low level so that the effect of self-organisation is present, and the very life is possible.  So, the presence of the living forms is an objective evidence for the presence of consciousness.  In case of non-agreement with this statement, one would have to name any life form which is not information sensitive.


Serge Patlavskiy
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