TA 108 (Green)


Commentary 5




by Joseph McCard

16 June 2008, posted 21 June 2008



LG wrote at #29: ...consciousness organizes energy..

It sounds to me like consciousness causes energy to be a certain way. Is that a misunderstanding on my part?

LG wrote at #30:The truth about causality. There isn't any.


Do I just take your word for it ? Is this the Gospel according to Jane Roberts ?

LG wrote at #33: ...the Second Coming of Christ...

I remember having a discussion with my tutor, Mr. Saks about the difference between Christianity and Judaism. He mentioned the parable (Matthew 7.17-19) where Christ, by way of example, cuts down a tree and throws it into the fire. Mr. Saks asked, 'What about the poor tree ?' You seem to endorse the conflation of Christianity and the Gaia hypothesis. So, what about the poor tree itself, deforestation and carbon emissions notwithstanding ?

LG wrote #34:The male is the separated fear-based form who functions through control, true power belongs to women.

Thanks alot ! I met an older man in the locker room at the YMCA who said he had 50 years of peaceful marriage. I asked him what accounted for this. He said it was all due to just two words, 'Yes dear!'. (well, maybe your husband will think its funny.)

Lest the reader forget : My understanding is that all men and women have, within themselves, both male and female aspects, Jung's anima/ animus.

LG wrote#35:...Love is the Energy of Life..

Doesn't one need to experience what love is NOT before they can understand what love is ? Do we want to deny that experience to everyone who wants it ?

At my comment at TA107, I situated consciousness within the action of energy. You seem to assume consciousness is fundamental. How do you distinguish consciousness and energy ?

I have come to understand that one cannot just tell others what the truth is. ††Ara didakton n arÍte ? They are still sitting in seminar, Monday and Thursday evening, asking the same question 2,400 years later. Yes, I was also at SJC 1972-74 and spent some time at the Christ in the Desert Benedictine Monastery in Abiquiu.I was the guy that liberated the lab frogs into the little pool by the dining hall and was then told SJC was not the place for me. and yes, I happen to believe the Jane Roberts gospel was right, but I could be wrong. I'm just hope'n for the best.




Joseph McCard

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