TA106 (Müller)



Response 17 (to C 40 by WA Adams)




by Herbert FJ Müller

17 August 2009, posted 5 September 2009


The balanced evaluation by William Adams of the Dawkins-Collins debate, of theism versus scientism, is much appreciated.   As Kant noted, reason is the only thing that can save us from superstition and fanaticism.  

I agree with his opinion, and only want to add one consideration.

There is a possibility to examine both theism and scientism as related to (derived from or preliminary to) an unstructured background of thinking, as it is for instance offered by some forms of oriental epistemology (Nirvana, Tao), and this might be useful for further discussions.   These epistemologies also present themselves as non-theistic religious views (religious in the sense of overall frameworks for thought and action).

The theistic and naturalistic opinions are not otherwise (directly) compatible, despite the recent somewhat puzzling opinion (or perhaps one should rather say decree) promoted by the Vatican, after a conference on the topic, that there are no conflicts between theism and evolution.     This is quite similar to Collins’ opinion to the same effect. 


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