TA106 (Múller)


Commentary 53 to Bausch, C52



by Fred Abraham

23 september 2009


Nice statement. I was most interested in your discussion of the critical

philosophers. I can use some of that in my lecture at a conference on

critical philosophy/hermeneutics in May in the Philippines. I thought of

your work with the Luhmann-Habermas debates. The Philosophical Association

of Visayas and Mindanao has no travel funds, but if you do wish to go on

your own funding, you could likely be invited to keynote. I will present an

overview on a proposed course of mine entitle "The Hermeneutics of



Your use of the attractor concept reminds me of Arnold Mandell, psychiatrist

and pioneer of the application of dynamics to psychology, who converted from

judaism to his wife's catholocism, and wrote about god as the ultimate

attractor. I am personally unconcerned about reconciling religion and

science while concentrating on issues of cosmology and consciousness, the

two great frontiers of inquiry, and consider that no one view can give us

ultimate knowledge, but that many perspectives bring us closer to

appreciating the unknowable. Arnold used to talk about seeing the goal at

the end of the tunnel but no matter how close you got, it sill remained at

some distance. Poincare spoke in similar terms.




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