TA106 (Müller)

Commentary 31 (to R12)


by Peter Beamish
9 May 2008, posted 17 May 2008

"It appears that we agree on an important point: the difference between measured and absolute values for the speed of light. As you say <4>, the absolute value is the average of the measurements."

"Another question is less clear.  You seem to insist that MIR is knowable, for instance a fixed position in space without subject(s) <5>, or objects <11>, while it has been accepted since Plato that one cannot know metaphysical entities.  If you want to defend this position, please explain how you can know something that is not in your mind."

The variation in the "velocity of light" (in Our World) is SMALL because "MINUTE particles in space" can penetrate most mass, ALMOST UNDISTURBED.  (Recall that there exists an immense space between nuclei, & electrons.)  Such spacial particle density restricts the "velocity of light," just as water particle density of the oceans, restricts its "velocity of sound."  Thus, neglecting such SMALL variations, "velocity of light" is absolute.

"Objective Reality" (for example: "There Is No Longer A Flat Earth.") is "knowable," because of a previous scientific knowledge of MANY subjects, BUT NOT NECESSARILY "a previous knowledge base" of "students," or as you say, "subject(s)," new to such a scientifically, "knowable" probability.

Physics progresses through "Signal Based Communication, SBC," whereby an effect can be directly linked with a cause which is always the result of a mass and/or energy signal, sign or symbol.  Since the late 20th century discovery of "Rhythm Based Communication, RBC," it has been noticed that Nature can communicate (seemingly under "low stress conditions" only) by encoding information (so named "informaTion") into "RhythmicTime, RT/T."  This seems "beyond" cause & effect, & thus can be a form of metaphysics.  Reference: The Duality of TIME, as in Glossary **** & "end line" #14196.

When you say that "one cannot know metaphysical entities" you disregard:  a) learning from those that have learned before (in "Conventional time") which includes most schools and many "students" &  b) "informaTion" which appears to "guide" human emotions and instincts & appears to "guide" the altruism which, far beyond Darwin's Evolution, allows Nature to survive.

In your Response 10 of 4/30 you have stated that "Objects are structures encompassed by - the mind, not outside."  For this to be "a reality" your mind must "reach" far beyond formation of your "Mental Vector Processes, MVPs," & thence there's no known way for such knowledge to reach a mind !  PLEASE, please review "MVPs," from Glossary ****, AND "end line" #13983.

2 Page Glossary **** http://www.animalcontact.com/research/glossary.html  Comments/questions on these "Foundations of RBC/MVP Theory" are welcome.  Suggest copy following Précises to email at 72 char/line for 1 pg. side.  1 Pg. Side Précises http://www.animalcontact.com/research/abstracts.html


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