TA 106 (Müller)

Commentary 2 (to Louise Sundararajan)




by Peter Schuster

11 March 2008, posted 15 March 2008



First let me apologize for my comments on GOD.


Realizing I'm not a learned person, such as you and your fellow learned one's in your forum.


I cannot quite understand the time put into "does GOD exist ?"  It seems clear that trying to prove He doesn't is their object.  I ask myself why.  Is it because believing in GOD doesn't makes them happy ?  Have they become so smart they have become foolish ? 


It really makes no difference to believers what the elegant writers write.  People that believe in GOD won't change their the beliefs in GOD.  People that believe in electricity cannot see it but can see the results for that electricity. People that believe in GOD can also see the results from Him.  People can make religion good or bad, that's human choice.  That doesn't change the fact that something started all that exist; that something whatever, energy, Etc is what's GOD.  Not the old man with a white beard.


So sorry for not being an elegant writer but it's such a shame to try so hard in believing in, no GOD.  I really feel sorry for the ones that think this is all and there's nothing else after.  


Respectfully yours Pete.




Peter Schuster

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