TA106 (Müller)


Commentary 25 (to Boyd, C22)


by Peter Beamish
22 April 2008, posted 5 May 2008


Robert Neil Boyd wrote: - - Re: THE VELOCITY OF LIGHT - - "Timetag" 9:13
Hello again Peter, Comments follow [as RN] - [Replies as [p] & "[xxx]."]
[RN] - astronomical observations have shown us that gravitation and time
both propagate with a nearly infinite velocity - [by RN to KJF 4/16/08!]
[p] My Dear Robert Neil, Firstly, the above "time" is: "a mental reading
OF a clock," and as such, it is incapable of "propagating."

[RN] Time is the rate of change [of a "variable x"] occurring in a given
volume, putting it in the simplest of terms. [Let times be "t1 and t2."]
[p] Such a "rate" is x2-x1/t2-t1, where ALL such t's are scalar readings
from a clock and the "change" of such temporal concepts is a "DURATION."
The units of any/all such "DURATIONS" are seconds, minutes, hours & etc.
When the "rate of change" is relatively rapid, then the durations, & the
"temporal scalar labels" used to calculate such durations, will "rapidly
change," via the clocks which "deliver" said "t temporal scalar labels."

[p-earlier]- - - - - - - - - - If you are referring to a temporal scalar
label (as one's birthdate or next birthday) then such labels, often also
called "timetags" (seemingly similar to "pricetags"), are TRANSPORTED as
a "cargo" ON or IN a mass and/or energy vector and are NOT "propagated."
[p] ALL time concepts are "temporal scalar labels," of clock or of mind.
Secondly, your use of the adjective "infinite," is NOT in agreement with
all known physical, & biophysical measurements of "c," AND IS UNDEFINED!
[Then followed "RN slander ** (false defamation)." E.g. "- nor have you
ever - investigated in these directions -." WRONG! 60 plus years WRONG!]

[p-earlier] Thirdly, there're "3 & Only 3 Orthogonal Spacial Dimensions"
& ALL temporal concepts are scalar labels like "colourtags, & shapetags"
& ARE _NOT_ "Vector Spacial Dimensions" as your concept of "space-time."
- The "seemingly correct" 21st century concept seems "time-in-space." **

[p-earlier] 4th, relativity DOESN'T have a "non-local basis" only a Mind
does! For "MIND CONCEPTS" reference "end line" #13743, #14163, & #14176.
There seem no "superluminal bilinear solutions of the Maxwell equations"
as NO mass & NO energy, can possibly be "significantly superluminal." **
[p] - you stated: "all the" incorrigible "attempts to combine relativity
theory and quantum theory vanish" - an amazing & yet unproven statement!
[RN] The proof was contained, superficially- [= "apparent, & not real!"]
"- both the frequency and the wavelength of longitudinal EM waves can be
modulated independently, they can provide a virtually infinite bandwidth
for communication.  They would provide for instantaneous (superluminal)
communication and thus utterly destroy Einstein's relativity theory - "
[NOTHING should "destroy" Einstein's "Duration Dilation & Contraction!"]
- - - - [For "Duration Dilation" reference "end line" #14289, & #14051.]

[RN] - - "Certainly, the propagation velocity of light is not constant-"
[p] Only _SMALL_ variations may occur, due to non isotropic - neutrinos.
[RN] (continuing) "- nor is there any upper limit to velocity." [p] Wow!
If space is filled with "near isotropic neutrinos" then "c" has a limit.
Tenthly, Your "pace of time" is a non sequitur as: "All real time is now
time," & all temporal scalar labels have NO "pace" & as well, NO "flow."
[RN] I did not bring up the topic of neutrinos- [Well you should have!!]
[RN] Regards, RN Boyd, Ph. D. - - [Regards 'peter' b., ph.d., MIT, UBC.]
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