TA106 (Müller)



Commentary 23 (to Benjamin, C20)




by Varadaraja V Raman
22 Aril 2008, posted 3 May 2008



[P Benjamin]
<What is the criterion of religiosity ?  Is it worship ?  Is it having a label or an identity ?  Is it an idol or icon or a symbol ?  Is it mysticism ?  Is it revelation ?  Is it belief ?  Is it awareness of self ?  Is it parapsychology ?  Is it the sense of supernatural ?  Is it addiction to something or somebody ?>

[VV Raman]
Each one of what has been suggested, and plenty more, would be my answer.

There is no single, simple expression of religiosity.  It ranges from the naively absurd to the expansively sublime.  That's why there are so many religions and so many sects, so many theologies and so many practices.  Every one of them is an effort to experience or comprehend the mystery of existence in this awesome expanse of space and stretch of inconceivable eternity, or an articulation of that effort, all feeble attempts by the finite to grasp infinity, often with the conviction that one's own modus in this context is the best one.



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