TA106 (Müller)


Commentary 14 (to C13 by S Cardoso)



by Louise Sundararajan

7 April 2008, posted 12 April 2008




I agree with Santiago Cardoso that science can be religion.  A hallmark of religion is piety, a sentiment that can be found in the best scientists, including Dawkins.  A case in point is the following statements by Professor Raman in his post on ultimate entities:  "This [scientific] worldview is a great revelation, a profound secret about perceived reality. Yet, like the luxurious life of multi-millionaires, it is the talk and truth of but a privileged few . . ."  I can well imagine the excitement of the chosen few who are privy to the deep secrets of Ultimate Reality.  The same sentiments abound in the texts of religion, which however have not always been favorably considered.  From the perspective of piety, I would say that religion is like a love letter -- problems arise when the love letter is mis-interpreted by those who are not in love.



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