TA106 (Müller)


Comments 13 (to L sundararajan)




by Pete Schuster, Santiago Cardoso, Elli Winer

1 April 2008, posted 5 April 2008



Dear Dr. Sundararajan,


It has been a pleasure to have the opportunity to read your learned colleagues for some time. I want to thank you for letting me read their interesting ideas and hope to be able to always read them.


Their replies to me , were quite uplifting.  They were very kind to even trouble themselves to reply to my email.  What an eloquent gathering of kind good people you have gathered.  I feel sure they will always be a betterment of mankind, GOD willing. 


Respectfully yours,


Pete Schuster




From Santiago Cardoso, MBA



Excellent !!  Dr. Raman


It may be naive but some times it seems that science, a successful career, financial activities, technology, medicine and the like provide or work the same way as religion do.  Sometimes these are religions themselves within the western world.


The Chairman of the FED in the US is very close to a Pope figure... has several cardinals.... even the architecture of their buildings resemble temples.


Actually, people look for answers on technology, medicine...  Death is something forgotten, not worth talking about.  Western people think they are immortals, not realizing that sooner or later will descend form the train of life.


What sense it makes to make a house in the train of life??


Best regards from Mexico


Santiago Cardoso




From Elli Winer, BA


Herbert FJ Müller wrote:


I appreciate the comments by Schuster and Raman, which deal with the main question of TA106, and hope for more such debates, because for many reasons this topic is much in discussion these days.


This is not unusual, especially in times of war.


In particular would it be of interest to have the opinions of others who have actually read Dawkins' book, in order to compare their impression of his arguments about God with mine as I have described them.


I've seen Dawkins give interviews about the book -- he really isn't saying anything new.  These kinds of discussions took place in the 1960s too, when Catholic schools and churches were closing around the country.  The Time magazine cover with the words "Is God Dead?" was even featured in the movie "Rosemary's Baby."  Organized religions go through reformations, and services with folk music in the 1960s were a way to increase congregations and thus keep the churches from closing.


Elli Winer