TA105 (Vimal & Davia)


Commentary 2


by Peter Beamish
7 February 2008, posted 16 February 2008


In Defence Of A New "Mind Definition" Using Reverse "Conventional time."

Dr. R. Vimal, Vision Research Institute, Acton, Mass., & his associates, suggest that "living minds" are within "living bodies and living cells."

"Rhythm Based Communication, RBC, and Mental Vector Process, MVP Theory" suggests that an entire "Central Nervous System" acts as a "central core of mind." BUT, that living organisms can "Mentally Reach For The Stars," by ANALYZING "MVPs" in the reverse direction of their "Incoming Temporal Mental Vectors, MVPs." Such ANALYSIS can only occur to the "Essos Edges" one of which may be OUTSIDE THE BODY. This suggestion is based firmly on the fact that ANALYZING a "Conventional time, Ct," or t backwards agrees with the equations of physics which treat positive t just as negative t!

Such is stated in reference <http://www.egroups.com/message/time/14156>: "Essos" (pronounced Ee-sauce) = "Event Space Sphere Or Spheroid" = Mind.

Here is a part of reference <http://www.egroups.com/message/time/13983>: "MVPs" are formed at "Essos Edges." "Essos" is an "Event Space Sphere Or Spheroid," an acronym, also a "working description" of an organism mind.

There are two such "Essos Edges," as follows: #1) the "spacial boundary" between one's "objective reality," and one's "subjective reality," & #2) the "spacial boundary" between one's memory and one's "thought systems." These two are so named: "External, Essos Edge" & "Internal, Essos Edge."  "MVPs" from an "External, Essos Edge" follow "Relativistic Theory" until "sensory transduction," whereby they thence become "Quantum Mechanical." "MVPs" from an "Internal, Essos (memory) Edge" are "Quantum Mechanical."

"MVPs" are formed by the union of a "Mass/Energy Vector" ("/" = &/or), & one or more "Properties of Nature," which are momentary "Scalar Labels."  "MVPs" act as "Transport Carriers" for their "attached" "Scalar Labels." "MVPs" always terminate, and expire, in "mind thought" or "mind memory." "Organism MVP Quanta" seem necessarily recycled as information carriers. "MVPs" transport "Scalar Labels" in "Conventional linear time t, or Ct." "MVPs" may contain "Scalar Labels" of "Conventional time, (timetags)" as well as, "Scalar Labels" of "Rhythm Based Time (RBT) or RT, (Timetags)."

For "TIME'S DUALITIES" see: <http://www.egroups.com/message/time/13984>.
For "MTP," & mind concepts: <http://www.egroups.com/message/time/13743>.
For "Duration Concepts" see <http://www.egroups.com/message/time/14051>.

And furthermore, from "RBC/MVP Theory," it is suggested that all Reality {both Subjective ("SR") & Mind Independent (MIR)} can only be considered "real" if there is a "meaningful statistical probability" of many minds. 'peter' b., ph.d.,/m.i.t./u.b.c.,/ Director, CETA-Research, Trinity, CA.


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