TAs 102-103 (Vimal)


Response 2 (to Wood)




by Ram Lakhan Pandey Vimal

12 January 2008, posted 19 January 2008



  Thanks for the comments and for your website.


  1.  You appear to be more knowledgeable with Jaspers’ work; so you can help me in finding the relationship of his thinking and the PE-SE framework.  We can collaborate in this as future paper.


  So far, what I found is as follows (see endnote 46 in updated version located at http://www.geocities.com/rlpvimal/PE-SE-Vimal-Long.pdf):


  According to Jaspers (1923/1961, p.45), “Objective scientific knowledge is not synonymous with existential knowledge … Scientific knowledge cannot set goals for life … Science is also unable to give any answer to the question as to its own meaning”. The PE-SE framework addresses some of these issues by integrating neuroscience and philosophy.


  Jaspers, K. (1923/1961). Die Idee der Universität. Berlin: Neufassung1946 [Translated into English by H.A.T. Reiche and H.F. Vanderschmidt, The Idea of the University. Boston, 1959.] New edition with K. Rossmann. Berlin; Göttingen; Heidelberg, 1961.


  2.  I love Philip’s poem, see endnote 45 of the above updated version.


  3. "Co-evolution" and "co-development" in terms of "origin of life" or/and "origin of humankind" is an interesting question. Some relevant information is in endnote 17 of the above updated version. Since you are also interested, we can collaborate in this topic in future paper. Please let me know.


  I have acknowledged your effort including Philip Benjamin and Herbert F. Muller.  I hope this would be okay with all of you.




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