TA 102-103 (Vimal)



Commentary 1




by Philip Benjamin

11 January 2008, posted 19 January 2008



Body of Champenrovf the Chimp Champ

Marked off as federated particle coalition    

Neutral, positive, negative anthropic group

Sentient, not sapient, no conscious volition


Oh say can you see? How culture shock and havoc

Humans to themselves fetch? And belittle Champ

For not having one, no script no lingo; and ad hoc

Deny Champ a mind, albeit all else same prop up


Oh they say, sapient particles are proto experiential

But not co-evolved into neural-nets in Champenrovf

Punctuated benefit only humans have; and no appeal

No reason except a time lagged descent event of scoff


Claim Subjective Experiences superimpose countlessly 

All Ele-Mental particles of diverse Proto-Experiences

Non-reductive Funda-Mental entities non-specifically

Thus appearing as non-experiential material entities.


No explanatory gap, humans claim. Supposing dubiously

Mass, charge, and space-time of all matter and superposed

Proto Experiences co-evolved and co-developed conjugally

As chaotic neural-nets with conscious self well embedded


Oh say can you see? A miracle! Fine tuned to external stimuli

Of photons and fermions, all physical only for Homo sapiens  

Champ lacks human culture terrorizing particles to Me-I Cauci

No wonder, animalia laugh not, as humans aver descent thence




Philip Benjamin

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