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The KJF serves the search for answers to conceptual problems in the area of mind-brain relations and related fields. It acts as a forum or clearing-house for discussion of proposals, for instance before, or in addition to, publication elsewhere, with some emphasis on basic concepts.

As editor, I do not act as a censor or peer reviewer, which may have undesirable effects in a group with such aims. The editor who weeds out certain papers tends to impose his theoretical and stylistic orientation, even if he tries to avoid doing this. For the same reason, the Forum is inter-disciplinary in the wide sense. The advantage of the present policy is that no view is barred from publication, which is important for its purpose. A disadvantage is that the communications may greatly vary in content, relevance, style, and clarity.

Instead, the peer review occurs after the publication, and the authors accept this effect, which can be intense. In my opinion this policy has so far worked well, particularly also because everyone can ask commentators whom he wants to invite, in addition to spontaneous ones.